Frequently asked questions

Do you need FTP access?

Yes. After modifying texts on your website we save the changes to your files on FTP. This is the best way to keep your website really SEO friendly. Thanks to this approach you have actual files anytime, saved directly on your server.

Is it safe?

Yes. Minorit is changing only text elements in your files on your server. We will backup all your files before turning on Minorit features. All data is backed up daily, and your passwords are encrypted. By distributing server data across redundant servers, all information is protected against hardware failure. Automated backups and snapshots ensure that your content stays safe and up-to-date. We only use the most trusted datacenter providers that have redundant power, onsite diesel generators and battery backups, physical security, and multiple network transit paths. Our servers are located in Amsterdam.

Do I have to change my website layout to use Minorit?

No. You can use Minorit on old websites with no logic changing, no installation, even on free hostings. We need only FTP access and Minorit will turn on editation features automatically in 30 sec.

Do search bots index the content changed via Minorit?

Yes. All content is still on your servers. Minorit is just "proxy" to editation your files in way your clients will understand and can not destroy anything.

Is it possible to use Minorit on Wordpress?

No. We don t like Wordpress! We are supporting webdevelopers they are creating original websites without templates.

Can I hide the Minorit icon?

Yes. For only $10 annually you can hide the icon. You can press the M key on your keyboard insted the icon. You can also upload your icon.